The Boarding School at Stenhus Kostskole

Stenhus Kostskole is a private foundation with a boarding school and a day school. The school is situated right next to Stenhus Gymnasium.

All boarding school students live in single rooms. Four boarding school inspectors supervise the boarding school students. Two of the inspectors live at the school with their families.

Going to a boarding school is a big decision and you will never quite be the same again after such a stay. It is a challenge, where your entire foundation is put to the test. You will get to know other norms, customs and values as you live together with other boarders coming from different environments and cultures to your own. You are a part of a community that is the core to boarding school life.

Stenhus Kostskole wants your life at the boarding school to be both fulfilling and active and it places a high value on creating a boarding school community so that you really get to know the people that you live with. Consequently, there are many regular arrangements throughout the year, both in house and out of house.
It is important that you actively work at striking a good balance between both making good academic progress and also being part of the boarding school community.

At Stenhus Kostskole we are committed to creating a family environment between students and between students and adults. Our students treat each other with respect and they care for each other.

Who are the students at the Boarding School?

The boarding school is the right choice for many students. We have students who are here because they play football, badminton or basketball at an elite level at one of our Sports Colleges. Additionally, there are international students and expatriate Danes, who have chosen the IB or a Danish educational programme.

Visit the Boarding School

You are welcome to contact Stenhus Kostskole for an informal tour of the Boarding School. Send an e-mail to or call +45 21 18 78 75. On the tour they will show you their facilities and it will also be possible to meet some of the happy students who live at the Boarding School.

Admittance to the Boarding School

You must be accepted into the Pre-IB or the IB Diploma Programme at Stenhus Gymnasium before you can apply for a place at the Boarding School. For further information, please contact IB Coordinator Paul Bjergfelt at