Admission: The Pre-IB Programme

The Pre-IB course is a one-year preparatory course aimed at Danish and non-Danish students.

The Pre-IB is equivalent to “1g” in the Danish stx system. Admission requirements are the Danish 9th or 10th grade leaving exams from “Folkeskolen” or equivalent international exams.
In some cases potential Pre-IB students will need to take an admission test in English & Maths.

Students applying to the Pre-IB directly from a Danish school must send in two applications. Firstly, students should apply through Choose ”Gymnasiale uddannelser”; “Stenhus Gymnasium & HF”; “STX”; choose either German or Spanish as the foreign language and Visual Arts as the Creative subject. Please indicate that you are applying to the "Pre-IB" in the comment box.

Please fill in the online application form, including all the stipulated documents. The application deadline for the school year 2018-2019 is March 1st, 2018..

Students applying from abroad, or students not currently enrolled in a Danish institution of education, must fill in the online Pre-IB application form. Fill in the online application form including all the stipulated documents.

Before filling in the application form, please read the Pre-IB programme and subject information on the relevant page of the website in order to be able to make qualified choices in the languages (German or Spanish).


To apply for the Pre-IB Diploma Programme, please fill in the online application form: Pre-IB Online Application Form 2018


Admission: The IB Diploma Programme

Direct admission to the two-year IB Diploma Programme is possible if the applicant has completed 10 or 11 years of schooling. So, for example, if a student completes the first year of the Danish Upper Secondary School Leaving Examination (STX, HF, HHX, HTX), the student can apply for direct entrance to the IB Diploma Programme.

Similarly, students with international qualifications, such as at least five Cambridge IGCSE subjects, can also apply for direct entrance to the IB Diploma Programme. In this case, we demand that the following subjects be included in the five subjects: English, International Mathematics, Co-ordinated Sciences, and either History or Global Perspectives. We also highly recommend World Literature, as it prepares students for the demands of Group 1 subjects in the IB. Students with Danish as their first language should also take a Danish course to maintain their mother tongue.

Although all IGCSE grades above F represent a pass, students need to achieve a minimum of a grade C in subjects that they wish to study at Standard Level. Students are expected to have achieved at least a B grade in order to study a subject at Higher Level. Moreover, as the results of these examinations are not issued until August, i.e. after the beginning of term in IB1, Stenhus Gymnasium retains the right to transfer IGCSE graduates from IB1 to Pre-IB if their exam results prove to be unsatisfactory.

In the admission process the school will always look at each applicant individually. To enter the IB Diploma Programme, applicants are expected not only to have a high proficiency in English and a solid foundation in Mathematics and Sciences, but also to possess the personal qualities that demonstrate a willingness to work dedicatedly.

Applicants are asked to write a short personal statement as part of the application process and to provide an academic reference from a teacher or school counsellor.

In some cases, admission to the IB Diploma Programme will be based on an interview and an admission test in English, Mathematics, and Science.

If the entrance requirements for the IB Diploma Programme cannot be met, applicants may instead be offered a place in the Pre-IB programme, a one-year preparatory course, also with English as the teaching language (please see above).

Applicants to the 2-year IB Diploma Programme should use the IB Diploma Programme online application form. Please note: the application deadline is the 1st March. However, as long as we still have places available, we will consider applications from qualified applicants after the 1st March deadline.


To apply for the IB Diploma Programme, please fill in the online application form: IB Online Application Form 2018


Admission Criteria

Please see the school’s criteria for admission to the Pre-IB and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme below. If you fulfil one or more of the criteria, then you are very welcome to put in an application.

  • Students with a non-Danish background who are in DK due to their parents’ job
  • Students with a non-Danish background who come to DK to take the IB Diploma
  • Students with a mixed (Danish/non-Danish) background who have completed lower secondary schooling abroad
  • Students with a mixed (Danish/non-Danish) background who have completed lower secondary schooling in DK
  • Students with a Danish background who, due to their parents’ job, have completed part of their education abroad and thus do not meet the admission requirements of Danish educational programmes
  • Students with a Danish background who have completed lower secondary schooling in DK
  • Students with an international orientation who aim to pursue further education and/or a career abroad.