Please fill in all the required information and upload by the 1st March 2020 deadline.

We will send confirmation that we have received your application by Friday 14th March 2020.

If you come from the Danish school system you must both apply through AND send this application form.

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1. Applicant information

(i.e., year 9, year 10)

2. Subject choices

Disclaimer: At Stenhus Gymnasium we always do our very best to fulfil all applicants' subject choices. Please note, though, that we cannot guarantee that all subjects can be set up. This will depend on the number of applicants to the subject or to the subject level.

3. Additional information

4. Parent information

5. Parent information

You can enter the information of a second parent/guardian here

6. Please upload the following documents in pdf

NB All documents must be a PDF and It's important, that you name all of the document with your name and document type (eg. John Smith - Reference).

Describe your school background, your skills and interests and why you wish to study the Pre-IB Programme at Stenhus Gymnasium. Max one page.
If your report card is not in Danish or English, please attach an authorised translated version. Please remember to delete your before attaching the file!

7. Additional Comments?