Open House

On Monday 22nd January 2018 we will once again be hosting an Open House Evening for all students and parents interested in applying to Stenhus Gymnasium.

Come and learn all about student life at Stenhus Gymnasium, be informed about the way the international programme is organized and the doors that it opens, go on a tour of the school, and talk to current students about what extracurricular activities you as a student can participate in at the school.
The school’s IB Coordinator and student representatives will be in attendance. 

Visitors’ Day - a day in the International class at Stenhus Gymnasium

Spending a whole day at the school is a really good way to learn more about the international programme and thereby assess whether this is the right programme for you.

The Visitors’ Days included the following:
    - Orientation about the school’s international programmes.
    - Participation in two or three Pre-IB classes.
    - Meeting current international students.
    - Q & A session with the IB Coordinator.

We have set up three Visitors' Days:
    -Tuesday 12th December 2017 8:45-13:45 - FULLY BOOKED!
    -Tuesday 9th January 2018 8:45-13:45
    -Tuesday 16th January 2018 8:45-13:45

 To sign up, please use our booking form here.